🧍‍♀️ Do Vibration plates work if you just stand on them? Discover how to get the most of your exercises! (2023)

Vibration Plates

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🧍‍♀️ Do Vibration plates work if you just stand on them? Discover how to get the most of your exercises! (1)

Can Standing On Vibration Plate Alone Work?

A vibration plate is an ideal way to work out without actually working out. Get it? The plates’ vibration makes our muscles flex and stretch, which means we are working out without lifting those weights or running the treadmill.

Using vibration plates or power plates is no rocket science. All you need to do is stand on it or use some workout positions and let the machine do its work. Usually, this workout machine is used as a warm-up before you get into some serious grinding. Many people make use of this machine as an alternative to heavy training exercises because of health issues. You can even combine vibration exercise with other workouts like battle ropes, medicine balls, suspension training, and so on.

The actual science of vibration plate is its promotion of recovery and the physiological encouragement of blood flow. It is a great way to do away with muscle soreness and the relaxation of the nervous system.


How Can Standing on Vibration Plates help?

Standing on a vibration plate has several advantages because you accommodate your body to maintain balance on an unstable platform. This challenge improves flexibility and stretches your tight muscles.

In theory, you are just standing on the platform, but your body is going through minute but tremendous movements simultaneously in practice. Creating a routine to do this session three or four times every week will change your body. Some common vibration platform benefits you can get by standing on a vibration plate regularly are as follows:

  • It improves balance: The first thing your body learns from regular vibration plates is balancing your body. The machine’s movement leads you to think that you are falling, which makes your body stay stable on the plate. This is an involuntary reaction that can be advantageous in the long run.

Initially, you may feel exhausted, but with time, you will see changes in your core muscles, and you get adapted to the pressure of the movement under your body. You can add objects like an exercise ball once you get advanced to improve your balance further.

In general, you are improving your athletic potential to use other exercise equipment.

  • It enhances posture: Posture is very important to keep your body fit and avoid back problems. A vibration plate is an ideal way to improve your posture to a great extent. Without the right exercise, you will find yourself slouching each day doing mundane things at home or outside.

When you slouch and stand on a vibrating plate, you have bigger risks of falling. While you are trying to stay stable on the plate, you get rid of the slouching back, and in return, you get a stronger back after a regular vibration session.

In simple words, vibration plates train your body to avoid slouching while keeping the balance.

  • It helps in better mind-body connection: The logic of using vibration plates is simple; it helps your mind control your body in keeping balance. The body alone does not adjust to the plate’s vibrating movements, but it is your mind that commands your body to stay on the plate without falling.

This may not seem like a viable advantage, but a good connection between the body and mind goes a long way to keep your body fit. This means your arms, legs, midriff area, and mind are in complete harmony with each other, which is valuable to keep fit in the long run.

🧍‍♀️ Do Vibration plates work if you just stand on them? Discover how to get the most of your exercises! (2)

Top Exercises Moves to do on Vibration Plates

There are tons of positions you can use on vibration plates or power plates. Some of them are as follows.


Squats are one of the best ways to exercise on a vibration plate. This is not only an easy position but an effective one as well. Most users prefer squats to perform in this equipment.

Start by standing in the center of the plate with both your feet firmly planted. Make sure you don’t fall off easily once the vibration starts. Begin your squatting as you would do on a flat surface. For first-timers, you might need to hold on to something for balance before you get used to it. Doing your squats on the power plates from time to time will strengthen your muscles and relax your joints.


Planks are a great workout to strengthen your core muscles. Do this on a vibration plate for enhanced muscle toning.

While performing planks on a vibration plate, make sure you do not have any previous back injuries, especially your lower back. This precaution is to prevent any further potential injuries while you are planking on the vibration plates.

To perform safe planks:

  • Keep your arms and back straight and place your palms firmly on the plate.
  • Balance the weight between your hands and toes and hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Do this without raising or dropping your hips.

Depending on your health status, you can either do thetraditional planks or other modified version.


Lunges are great to stretch the quadriceps to avoid cramping around your legs. Performing lunges on vibration plates will not just strengthen your leg muscles but improve flexibility as well.

There are two ways you can do lunges on vibration plates. One way is to place your front or your rear foot on the plate, or you can even put both feet on the plate. For beginners, you can perform lunges by placing your foot on the plate while facing it. Advanced trainers usually do the same while facing away from the plate with their back foot placed on the platform. Placing both feet on the vibration plate is a technique for looking for a more challenging workout.


Moves like squats and lunges are great for strengthening the lower body muscles, while push-ups are ideal for targeting the upper body. This move doesn’t require you to stand on the plate.

This hybrid exercise requires you to place your hands on the vibrating plate and your feet or knees on the ground. This enables you to stretch your muscles and promote your core strength as well.

If you feel stronger, you can take it up a notch by rotating your body and bringing your feet to the vibrating plate. For a more advanced workout, perform the push-ups with your hands and feet entirely on the plate.

Another improvisation of push-ups is the reverse version, where you place your feet on the vibrating plate and your hands on the flat ground. This move may need more strength and practice, but it is great for building muscles in your core area. Not just that, it will also tone your arms and induce better blood circulation to your lower body. Remember to establish a good balance if you are trying this move.


With your hands on the platform behind you, move up and down from the height of the platform by the force of your arms. This exercise is a variation of the classic push-ups and works the same muscle group. However, the back is more stimulated when the push-ups use abdominal and pectoral muscles instead.


Sitting on the tray with legs stretched forward, place your hands flat on your sides. Raise the weight of your body with the strength of your arms. This exercise helps to strengthen your arms and pectorals. The arms are often the limbs the furthest away from the vibrations during most exercises. This time, they will be the direct receptors of the stimuli, which will make them work even more efficiently.

Lateral planks

This is the same principle as the classic board but on the side. Put one of your forearms on the board and position yourself sideways. Lift your pelvis as high as possible and hold the position. Alternate one side, then the other. This is one of the best ways to work the whole abdominal belt and thus draw that famous and coveted chocolate bar.

Glute Bridges

For firm buttocks and back of thighs, the Half Bridge is a proven exercise. The vibrations, directly transmitted to these areas, will multiply the effects. Lie down on the floor and put your feet flat on the platform, then raise and lower the pelvis (without touching the floor), contracting the abs and buttocks. A floor mat will be greatly appreciated for the comfort of the exercise.

Vibration Plates Frequency for an optimal workout

Do you want to relax your muscles, or rather strengthen them? Knowing which frequency to set it on will help you get the most out of your workouts.

  • A frequency of 30 Hz and less: for relaxation
  • A frequency of 30 to 45 Hz: to strengthen the muscles.
  • A frequency of more than 50 Hz: for intense stimulation

For effective workouts, adopt different postures that will challenge all of your muscle groups. Twenty or so postures during the session provide a very complete workout. Your posture must be followed by an equivalent rest period (30 seconds of rest for 30 seconds of effort). However, the rhythm and sequence of postures can vary: for example, chain ten postures for one minute, rest for ten minutes and then start again.

Keep a static position! You can add a few bends to increase the difficulty of the movement, thus increasing its effectiveness.

Additional Tips to get the most out of your vibration platform

Follow these advices to make your vibration plate workout a breeke:

  • A bottle of water at your fingertips! Vibration is effective over the long term, so avoid interrupting the session repeatedly.
  • A light and comfortable sports outfit
  • Wear sports shoes or gym shoes!
  • Use a gym mat to facilitate certain postures. Some brands deliver their vibrating platforms with this type of accessory.
  • Straps are also very useful accessories (but not always supplied with your device). The straps are used to diffuse the vibrations on the least exposed parts of the body such as the back, abdominals and especially the arms.
  • Warm up to prepare your joints for the vibrations. During the exercises, keep your elbows and knees slightly bent so as not to put too much stress on the joints.

In Conclusion

Vibration plates are simple machines, yet it has varying results. Whether you are standing, sitting, or lying on the plates, you will benefit tremendously with little effort.

If you plan to use the vibration plates for simple methods like standing, it is advisable to keep a disciplined routine to see results. It may take time, but a consistent session will improve your balance and keep your body toned.

Having the best vibrating platform is not enough, you have to know how to take advantage of it!

Of course, you are free to create new exercises that will target the most difficult areas of your body. Each one has its own objectives, each one has its own adapted workout!

Why not complement your workout with a cardio workout? Cycling, running, soccer, zumba! Or simply skipping rope if you don’t want to leave the house! Combining cardio-vascular sports with muscle strengthening exercises allows you to develop your body in a more harmonious way. You eliminate more fat, you are well sculpted and drawn, you keep your heart in shape and improve your performance as well as your endurance.

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🧍‍♀️ Do Vibration plates work if you just stand on them? Discover how to get the most of your exercises! (3)


⚠️ Who cannot use Vibration Plates? Discover if you can benefit from vibration platforms!

🧍‍♀️ Do Vibration plates work if you just stand on them? Discover how to get the most of your exercises! (4)


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